Thursday, February 08, 2007

More Mittens

The other day I finished the mittens I was making for my nephew. They are made from Paton's Classic Merino with size 4.0mm dpns.
I am going to start another pair (hopefully this weekend) in a Fair Isle pattern for Fair Isle February (button including link is in my sidebar for anyone interested).
I've also started my first toe-up socks for the Falling In Love Socks over at MagKnits. I don't have very much completed of it yet - really not worth picture taking at the moment. When I get a little more progress done I'll show you how I'm doing with it. I'm using the yarn (Bernat Sox) that my best friend Kristina got me for my birthday for this pair.
Off to do a little knitting before my morning class (ok, technically it starts at 11:50am so it's more of an early afternoon class since it's so close to noon...). I have another class this evening (from 6:30 til around 9:00/9:15ish) and then I'm off for the weekend. Happy Knitting!


Susan said...

Oh the Falling in Love socks are kicking up a storm here in the UK too, if our knitty forum is anything to go by.
I've got the yarn, I've got the needles, but I've got 1 and a half socks to knit first for my son.

Wait for pickies to see what your socks look like.

Rachel said...

Very nice! Aren't mittens fun? Such a quick, thoughtful gift.

Scribbles & Bits said...

The mittens look great! I'm itching to try the Falling in Love socks, but there are so many patterns on my list. I don't know whenI think I'm going to get to them all!

lexa said...

Dontcha love Classic Wool? It knits up so nicely.

I want to do Falling in Love socks, too. I forgot about some mostly solid tealy colored yarn in my stash that I got ages ago off eBay. I think I'll use that since I didn't really have anything planned for it. I was going to make another pair of Pomatomus, but I have some Socks That Rock that I will use instead.

Dipsy said...

Oh yummy, these mittens are gorgeous! They look ever so soft and warm - perfect for cold weather (if there is any over at your place, here it's definitely almost spring already! ;)

Alisha said...

Great mittens!!