Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Well, I am making progress with my lastest two sock projects. My striped pair is going well. I am just about to the point of decreasing for the toe, so shouldn't be too long until I can start the second one.

The green socks for my nephew are also progressing...much faster since they are small LOL. I am at the same point on this one, decreasing for the toe. I am hoping to get his done by Friday or Saturday at the latest so he can have them to wear when he comes over (we look after him on those two days).

Knitting Olympics starts in soon and I am getting anxious to work on the project. I think I am going to use yarn from my stash (probably some peach coloured red heart that I have) so that I can get a dent in it...won't be much of a dent thought.

I just figured out...well more of a remembering really, that I have two midterms during the Knitting Olympics so I'll have to be studying for those. Hopefully it won't take away time for my knitting. I'll have to knit on my study breaks and maybe try to get my knitting done before that. Though, to be honest, there will be 3 days after the midterms to work on it so it won't be too bad I hope.

Off to work on the socks some more! Happy knitting!


Catherine Kerth said...

hey i am trying to clean up a few projects before the knitting olympics too! can't wait to see a pic of those socks ;)

amylovie said...

Boy, don't you hate it when education gets in the way of you getting your knit on?!? :)