Saturday, February 25, 2006

Irish Hiking Scarf

I finally got a pic or two of my completed Irish Hiking Scarf for the Knitting Olympics. Here it is to the left. You can see the bare size 5mm bamboo needles as well. And look who made yet another appearance...Tinker Belle! I had placed the scarf on the table, went and got the camera and came back to find her crouched on the scarf so that you couldn't see much of it. I got her off and she crouched down beside it as you can see. She seems to approve of it...

Also, I decided to take a pic of the 4 balls of yarn that I had dyed with Kool-Aid to show as well. The Tropical Punch ball (the reddish-orange one) is the same one from a few posts back. You can see the one I think I will call "Cherry Surprise" since it was one of those ones that change colour once you add the water to it. It's the one from a few posts previous that I had posted of it hanging on a hanger drying. You can't tell that it is varrigated in the pic though.
The purple ball to the left is done with grape Kool-Aid, and the one you see to the right was done with the no name brand grape. It did not turn out nearly as dark as the Kool-Aid one...whoda thunk it? I mean, it's all the same stuff relatively isn't it? Apparently not!

I am just noticing that the reddish one looks bigger than the others. It's only because I didn't wind it as tight I think...either that or the fact that during processing it sort of felted together in places and I ended up pulling it apart made it "fluff up" or something. I am thinking of making children's hats or scarves out of these so far...unless I get some other idea. I only have one ball of each so it's not like I can do a big project or anything. Also, the colours don't go together (I don't even think the purple ones would) so I can't use them in a large project either...I'll let you know what I decide to make and post pics of the finished projects.

Off to work on my nephew's sock a little before bed. I don't think it will be done by tomrrow (unless it is into the evening), however that is ok because I have completed what I said I would do for the olympic knitting. I said I'd do the Irish Hiking Scarf, and I did. I added to the challeng of also trying something else that was new, and that was dying the yarn (wool) with Kool-Aid. So, technically speaking, I went beyond my challenge and challenged myself a little further as well. Besides, I had tons of studying to do and I really wasn't in the mood to do that (I can't seem to find my studying groove this year...maybe because it's my fourth year?), I would rather have been knitting. I studied though.

Anyway, happy knitting!


Ruth said...

oooh, i like your irish hiking scarf!!! the cables look so soft and luxurious - great job! =)

Jayleigh said...

Aw Shelley! That scarf is so perfect! You did a fantastic job and I sit here in awe, literally in AWE of your knitting ability.

My absolute favorite knitting stich is the cable. Though, unfortunately for me, I don't know how to knit well enough to even attempt it.

I'm a crochet gal through and through, I guess... I'll just have to make the time to learn how!

Tina in Wonderland said...

Your scarf is soooo pretty, you can't blame little Tinker Belle for trying to claim it for her own! Great job on those cables!

I'm so glad you posted more Kool-aid dyed yarn! That is so on my list of stuff to try in March! Can't wait to see what you knt up with it, looks great!

Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Shelley, your Irish Hiking Scarf is beautiful!

Have fun with all your new yarn. : )


Sharon said...

Shelley, you have done an excellent job, I think you have definately achieved what the Yarn Harlot intended these Olympics to be, a challenge to yourself and you have won a gold medal, well done.

The kool-aid dying looks great and the scarf is snuggly and warm looking, I have printed out the pattern and I think it will be one of my to dos during winter(a bit too warm for scarves here yet!!).

Catherine Kerth said...

alright shelley! i love kool aid dying it is a lot of fun... it always nice to see how other peoples concoctions come out! that greenish one in the middle is to dye for! i didn't forget about your request on how to make your qwn stitch markers :) i found a web page with glampyre that shows you how... here is the link

Rachel said...

Congratulations on achieving your Olympic challenge! The scarf looks great, and I hope you get a lot of use out of it -- if Tinker Belle ever lets you!

Wonderland Knitter said...

Great job on the scarf! Very classy looking.

Thought I'd mention - you probably already know, kool aid dye is not color fast. It will fade in the sun, it will fade in the shade, it will fade over time. But it sure is pretty to work with!

Rhonda said...

Congrats!! You scarf is beautiful also and a gold medal well desired. Where did the pattern come from? I might attempt cable in my next project and a scarf would be perfect. Happy knitting.

Lynda said...

Shelley- your Irish Hiking Scarf is sooo pretty- love the pink. Your kitty kind of looks like our Peanut!

I admire all of you who took the Olympic challenge!