Monday, November 09, 2009

Tissue Packet Sweater

I started a pair of mittens (child's size) not long after I finished the hat in the previous post.  However, I have not finished them yet.  I have one mitten done, and nearly all the cuff on the second one.  They don't take too long once I get past the ribbing, so you would think I'd just sit and work on them.  I'll be sure to post a photo of them when I finished knitting them.

Last night I started a sweater for a tissue packet.  I used the pattern here and found it to be very quick and easy to make.  It was late when I started it, so I finished it a little while ago.

Here is my finished product.  I used left over yarn (some that I bought when I was in Australia) from the hat I finished not long ago.

A quick, easy, and cute project that I recommend making.  I'm actually thinking of making a few of these as little "gifts" for friends, though not necessarily for Christmas.


mudmaven said...

I love this project and can't wait to see the mittens. The link for the pattern just comes up blank on my computer though and I would love to make some of these. Can you send me the link or tell me how to find it? Thanks so much. ~chris

Shelley said...

Thanks for letting me know about the link. I've fixed it so it should work now!

Socks said...

Love that yarn, would make nice socks as well!

PJ said...

my goodness...why did I not know about your knitting???? I need to blogroll them separately!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

I've made a lot of the tissue sweaters and gave many away. Friends love 'em! And it's a great way to use left over year.