Sunday, September 30, 2007

Where Is All The Knitting?

Yeah, so normally I'd have socks on the go along with other projects (hats, scarves, mittens, etc.) and have pictures to show. But really, Korea doesn't seem to have much in the way of crafty goodness - at least that I've seen. I know good yarn shops exists somewhere (like in Seoul), but where they are I have no idea. I am seriously going to have to go on a mission to Seoul and never mind finding Christmas gifts to send home. I am going to have to go to find yarn shops! And boy, do I hope they have good yarn, including sock yarn!

Ok, so I've worked a little on my scarf. It's grown, but not by leaps and bounds. Here's what I've got so far. I put my hand in the picture to give you a rough idea of the size of the scarf. I think it's taking so long because of the size of need
les I'm using - 4.5 mm. It's creating a nice size stitch, but it doesn't help in making it go fast. Maybe I should work at it more that I

I've also included a closeup of the stiches so you can see how they look. The pattern (link is on the previous post) is super easy and only has the knit stitch and a slip stitch. It looks like a knit/purl ribbing, but there are no purl stitches used. This is definitely a good scarf for a beginner to try.

I was amazed the other day to find some knitting needles in size 5.0 mm and 6.0 mm. I went with a couple of the girls to a stationary/craft store to get some supplies for class. Like I said previously, the craft selection here isn't very good. They have a lot of google eyes, pom poms, and some ribbon...some other things too, but really nothing that I am into or am interested in. Anyway, they did have some yarn but it was more the type you use in latch hook/rug hook kits...a craft sort of yarn rather than good for knitting something from. Anyway, I happened to look down, and low and behold saw some circular knitting needles! The 5.0 mm only cost 500 won (which works out to about 50 cents), and the 6.0 mm cost 1000 won (or $1). I don't know if they are good quality or not, but at least they should serve their purpose - at least I hope they do.

Depending on how long the scarf will be, I might use one of the balls of yarn to make a hat with. I think that two balls of yarn should be sufficient for a good length scarf so this is my plan so make a scarf and a hat - unless two really isn't enough for the scarf. I'll worry about that when I get to it.

I also think that I'll pull out some of the sock yarn I brought with me (some Panda wool and a ball of Fleece Artist) and start a sock (I also brought some DPNs...just hope I brought the right size for socks) because I'm having SKW - Sock Knitter's Withdrawl. I'll definitely post pics when I start the socks. I'm still waiting for the cable for my camera so I can download the pics I have on there to the computer and erase them from the camera so I can take more pictures. I should be getting it any day now. The pictures I've taken in the last couple of posts have been with my cell phone, hence the poorer quality and somewhat blurriness.

Well, best be off and do some knitting and hopefully find a movie on that I can knit to. Happy knitting!


Charity said...

So glad you took some sock yarn with you! I know what you mean, I always feel... wrong somehow... when I don't have a sock otn. Do you have family that can send you a care package?

Shelley said...

Yes, my parents have offered to send me some of my sock yarn from home...I'm just thinking it might cost a lot for them to ship. I'm going to surf the net and see if I can find somewhere that ships here for not too expensive prices...maybe see what I can find in Australia or New Zealand...maybe even Japan...

Bonnie Christine said...

Hey, I'm moving to Ulsan, Korea in a few weeks to teach English and I also am searching for some yarn, especially for socks. I'm a crochet girl at heart but I want to try knitting some socks for Christmas presents:) Apparently there are several yarn stores in Ulsan but they are teeny and hard to find. As such, I'm searching online for any sites that ship overseas. So far I have found They are a bit more expensive than I'm used to, but once I'm in Korea, I'll have a bit more desposable income to fritter away on expanding my stash. Good luck in your search and happy knitting!

Rachel said...

Good luck with your yarn excursions! I hope you're able to find some new, interesting types of yarn!

Jen said...

Hey! There's yarn here. One good place to start is the underground shopping complex at Hoehyun Subway St. It's easiest to get to if you take the Shinsegae Dept Store exit and wind your way through the food court. Most of the shops are closed on Sundays, but I've gotten a fair bit of sock weight yarn there.

There's a really good yarn shop at the end of Insa-Dong. Go all the way to the end and you'll see a Crown Bakery across from a GS25, it's on the 3rd floor above the GS25. You have to go around the corner to find the entrance. She's got everything including IK and Vogue Knitting.

There's a new Korea group on Ravelry, too.