Saturday, September 15, 2007


I finally have internet hooked up in my apartment! Now I should be able to make more frequent posts.

I finally found a yarn shop not far from where I'm living. That's the good news. The bad news is that there isn't really much of a selection to choose from. I got 3 balls of Torino (100% extra fine Merinos) yarn in pink. I think it's from Italy. It seems to be a good thickness to make a baby sweater or something. I could make a scarf or hat with it, but the size requirements on the ball band are for 3.5 - 4 mm needles. The great thing, is that the store has a policy that if you buy 3 balls you get the needles free. Unfortunately she only has circulars, which is good, but I was wanting some straight needles.

I think I might make a scarf with it. Just need to find the right pattern. The size 4.0 mm needles make for a small stitch, and 4.5 isn't much better. I suppose I'll just have to knit something and see how it looks.

Unfortunately, I still don't have the cable for my camera to download pics (it's on it's way), so I can't take pics of the yarn just yet. I will though when I'm able. I tried to come up with a pattern for a scarf on my own when I didn't have access to the internet to find a pattern - unfortunately it didn't look that great. It was lace and was looking too holey, so I decided to rip it out and try a drop stitch scarf, but the needles were too small (it didn't have the effect I was wanting). So, I ripped that out too. But now I have the net so I can find a pattern, borrow the printer (or go to the teacher who has it) and print some out.

There are also 2 foreign teachers (what they call us over here) in my building who want me to teach them to knit. How cool is that? One of them taught herself a little a few years back but she wants me to help her learn better. We're working on a day/evening when we can all get together and sit down to knit. I'm looking forward to that - knitters in my building!!

Well, better head off for now. Happy knitting!


Kelly said...

shell! First off love the new look of the blog! Fantastico!
Second, you have knitters in your building??? LUCKY DUCK!!! Your going to have so much fun!!!!
Can't wait till you get that camera cord!

Charity said...

It's great to hear you're getting settled! Glad you found yarn, and knitters, too! :0)

monica said...

I hope the apartment is air conditioned. I can just see your knitting felting as you knit from the moisture and heat.
A family down the road from us is Korean, the grandmother was just visisting, I know she enjoyed the readily available yarn here in the states. She said it was sooo much more afordable here and so much easier to find.
Hope the camera cord comes soon.

Shelley said...

Monica, yes the apartment is air conditioned! Thankfully though, the really hot and humid weather has passed. We've been getting rain lately (though this past week was hot but not humid), and are now heading into the fall season. They said that fall and spring are the best times of year here, so hopefully it will be fine knitting (not end up having it felt on me, lol).

Paula said...

Hi Shelley. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I thought I would return the favour. BTW, in case you didn't see it, there is a link to a PDF download of the Corrugator pattern in the sidebar. Click on the header banner to go to the main page where the sidebar shows. I hope you enjoy the pattern.

Annie said...

It's so good to know you pick up your needles again.Hope you get your cable we can appreciate your beautiufl pics

Tina in Wonderland said...

Shelley, I hope you are having fun in Korea!

I tagged your for a Meme on my blog!

Hasbu said...

Great to hear that you are settling in Korea. And fantastic that you have knitters in your building!