Friday, August 18, 2006

Starting a KAL?

Ok, so I want to start a KAL (a knit along). I've been thinking about it for awhile now. There are tons out there, but I want to have one. I'm selfish like that! LOL!

I'm not entirely sure of what to do or how to start it though. I also can't afford to supply prizes, so maybe there would be others willing to donate them. I also need to work through the little details of things like how long it will last, is it a one item per month (like the Sock a Month KAL does), is it a knit as many as you can each month, etc.

If anyone has experience with this sort of thing, maybe you can give me pointers in the comment section. Also, if there is anyone who is willing to donate prizes that would be fabulous too - yarn, stitch markers, or whatever.

I am also thinking of creating a blog for it so that all the members of the KAL will have access and can post pics of their completed items. That might be easier to do than have people post comments or send emails with links to their blogs for me to check out and post here. I would also need buttons made (I am not good at that) for people to put on their blogs.

So, please, leave me comments with suggestions, etc. I'll let everyone know what the KAL is for and the other details at a later point. Right now I'm in the thought/planning stage but would like to find more info on starting KAL's first.

Edited to add:

Ok, I have set up a blog for the KAL. It is to knit mittens and gloves, and the details (or most of them) are there. The name of the KAL and blog is Knittin' Mittens. Click here to go to the blog.


ruth said...

hi shelley! how's it going? haven't visited in awhile. hope you're doing well! as for a KAL - they are always fun! i guess what would bring it together is the focal project that everyone would be working on together. do you have anything in particular in mind?

Catherine Kerth said...

I love KAL's and swaps! maybe you should go ahead and get a blog addy for one and we can all nominate things, take a vote and get to it! you can make a general theme if you want... like socks or scarves, make it last till the end of year? ..... i am up for it :)

Sharon said...

Sounds like a lot of fun, good on you for organising it and the blog looks fantastic. I can't commit just yet as I am about to take part in the Central Park Hoodie KAL but when that is finished and if there is still time, I will jump on board ;)

I have a pattern for mittens with the flippy bit that turns them into fingerless would that be eligible??

Shelley said...

Sharon, yes those would be fine.

Eva said...

Good luck on your KAL :)