Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My First Paid Work

Well, I finally got everything completed for the lady at work - you know, the set I have been talking about (like in the post before this one), the one with the sweater, hat, mittens, and booties? Done.

It's far from perfect, and I hope she and her daughter will like it. The baby isn't due until December and I informed her that the sweater is sized for 3 months because that was the smallest size available. The hat, mittens and booties are sized smaller than that (for a 10-12 lb baby) because that was the largest size available for those. She said that was fine though. I told her this before I was making it, while I was making it, and then yesterday before I was totally finished with it so she was well aware of it. She still said that was fine. The sweater was crocheted and the rest of the items were knit - which I informed her of well in advance and she was fine with that too. She is the one that chose all of the items.

So, here to the left is the completed set. The buttons weren't exactly evenly spaced. Or at least it seems that way. They aren't horribly placed though and they look fine to me; and I think it was just the way the buttons ended up being sewn on. It's passable though. I used larger buttons because I figured it might be easier for an adult to button instead of trying to get those tiny little buttons done up.

Since I've posted pictures of the sweater by itself, I've included a picture of the hat, mittens and booties by themselves as well. Too bad I didn't have a doll or a real baby to model the items...that would have been nice. But, since I don't the kitchen table will have to do.

Blogger is being a royal pain again and won't let me post a picture of Kitten Yarns & Crafts resident cat, Tinker Belle. So, that will have to wait until my next post - which hopefully won't be as long as it has been since I've posted the last post until now. So, with that, happy knitting!


Lynda said...

What a sweet layette!

Karen said...

That baby outfit looks great!! I bet your friend is thrilled with it.

Sharon said...

Gorgeous, she will love it!!

Rhonda said...

You did a beautiful job. Even a 6lb baby will quickly grow into it. You want it to be used & keep the wee one warm for more than just a few weeks. And they grow surpisingly quick. I love your large button idea. The grandma will love it too, LOL.

BTW, Shelley there's a note in my comments for you from Jerry about the knitter's hand contest. Go ahead and enter... Continental is when you hold the yarn in your left hand & pick up the stitches and English is when you hold the yarn in your right hand & throw the yarn over the needle to pull thru to make the stitch. There is no right or wrong way except whatever works for you.

amylovie said...

The little one will get a lot of use out of it in y'alls cold weather!


dianne said...

Great job! Looks beautiful!