Saturday, July 15, 2006

An FO...Sorta!

Ok, well I finally have something finished - sorta. I just have 3 buttons to sew on the baby sweater that I made for the lady at work. Here's a pic of before I put it together.

It's crocheted though, and not knitted. The colour is white with tiny flecks of yellow, green, blue and mauve throughout, and it is acrylic yarn (I think Bernat).

Wendy wanted it to be neutral so that her grandbaby could wear it no matter if it is a boy or a girl. The pattern she chose from one of my baby sweater pattern books looked too girly so I adjusted it some. I didn't put the lacy part around the edges, nor did I tie it with a bow that has pom poms on it. To me, that screamed GIRL! Now, if she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt if the baby was going to be a girl, then I would have gone ahead and made it the way it was in the book.
Here is a close up of the pattern (single crochet, chain 1) and you can see the colour better too, though it doesn't really look white on my screen. That's probably because I took the pic outside in the shade about half an hour ago.

I added the bands for the buttons because in the pattern it is just tied up near the collar. I crocheted along the front sides and stopped a few inches from the top so that the collar could fold down a bit. It's not cooperating in the pic, so you can't really tell.

Now all I have left is to do the hat, booties and mittens to match using the same kind/colourway yarn. The only thing is, of which Wendy is aware, is that the patterns shoe chose for these items are knitted so they won't be a total match pattern wise. She didn't mind. She is just too excited that she is finally going to be a grandmother!

So, tada! Here is the sweater minus the buttons:

Pattern from: Gifts from Heaven Baby Sweaters (American School of Needlework, booklet 2201)
Yarn: Bernat (one of the baby yarns)
Crochet Hook: size H/3 - 5.00 mm
Pattern size: 3 months

In other yarny news, I finished one of the children's socks that I had been working on and have about half a dozen rows of the cuff on the second one done. Now, to get some more FO's completed...

I also want to get started on the Reid pattern from Knitty soon so that it can be done for the fall. Hopefully they've adjusted things so that the size 6 isn't huge anymore. I've tried to contact the author of the pattern (left a couple of comments on her blog and I think I might have emailed her at one point), but she hasn't responded. Oh well, if it is still too big, maybe my friend's daughter will just grow into it. She's a petite girl though and by then she might not like the colours I chose anymore...oh well, we'll see.

Happy knitting!


Elizabeth said...

Shelley I love that sweater and now I think I'm going to see if I can locate the pattern! The stitch is a really nice one and I think if we switch back and forth between knit and crochet it will help the wrists/arms since different muscles are being used.

Congrats on your weight loss too! :)

Sharon said...

I admire people who crochet, because I can't!! Lovely little jacket.

Rhonda said...

I crocheted for 30+ years & even taught it to children & adults thru the years. You did a very nice job... nice even stitches. And a beautiful choice in creating a band for buttons & a collar. Your friend is going to love it!

Karen said...

Shelley, that is so cute. I'm sure the grandma is going to love it.

Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

The baby jacket is perfect! Great job!

Have a wonderful week,


Catherine Kerth said...

Shelley its a work of art! her grand baby is going to look wonderful in it! love the neutral color that was choosen... thanks for the comment on my blog, you put a smile on my face ;) i am the praying kind too!

kittensmittens said...

hurray for finished projects, congrats. it looks really cute and your kitty helped put it together.

Mrs. Bear said...

Welcome to the webring! Glad to see other people's cats assist them in their knittng endeavors!