Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Where's The Knitting?

That is what I am asking myself...where is the knitting?

My wrists have been bothering me this last week, what with sitting at the computer all day typing at work. I still haven't located my wrist thing-a-majigs - maybe I need to look a little harder or just go to Wal-Mart and get new ones. I've been trying to cut back on the knitting and computer time and that has helped some. More than anything, my wrists feel tired but not overly 'sore'. Last Friday though, one of them did feel a little like the numbness would come back if I didn't stop the typing. Thankfully it was at the end of the work day and I was able to rest my wrists over the weekend.

I've done some knitting and crocheting, but not a whole heck of a lot. Not much has been done on the baby sweater for the lady at work, but it's getting there. She doesn't need it until December, though she was thinking of having it by the end of October. I'll get it done before then though.

On the Easter colourway socks I am on the gusset part of the first sock, and have not touched the other ones. June is almost over - only 10 more days and I don't think I'll get these ones done to count for my June socks for the Sock a Month KAL. I think I'll have to pull out the children's socks I had started a couple of months ago and finish those. I should be able to get them done on time as I was on the foot part I think of the first one, and they are only a size 2-4 and they knit up fairly quickly. But, if my wrists bother me too much I just might have to let this month slide by. Keeping my wrists 'healthy' is more important than finishing a pair of socks for the KAL (though that runs a close second).

I've also been working on my writing some. I've got tonight and tomorrow night to finish my short story for the writer's challenge over at Faith Writers. I haven't entered the challenge for several weeks now because I haven't been able to come up with anything for the topics. Hopefully this one I'm working on will see completion and I can enter it.

Anyway, off to work on that and maybe do some sock knitting if my wrists are feeling fine.

Happy knitting!


Lynda said...

Take care of those wrists! - save them for knitting!

Sharon said...

I have a wrist problem and bought myself a wrist thingy with magnets in it, and it has helped 100%. I got mine from a chemist shop.

Catherine Kerth said...

i don't have the nasty wrist problem like you, but my hands go numb once in awhile and thats when i know i am working too hard too! please take it easy:) and your a fantstic writer the topic and words are going to flow out when you least expect it ;)

Rhonda said...

Your wrists are important... so take care of them. Since you type all day, be sure you have the right keyboard and have it set at the right height, etc. Yours wrists must sit parallel to the keyboard, not bent while you type. I have an ergo. keyboard & it's great. Get more help online. I type all day on my job also. No problem with my wrists but I do everything I can to prevent a problem (I do have shoulder problems tho)
Read this, lot's of help here at:
Take care of yourself, Shelley.

Karen said...

I don't like when afflictions hinder knitting either. My pinkie and ring finger on my right hand go numb a lot, I message them and stop knitting for a while. Well, till it passes anyway. Hope it gets better soon. And good luck with your writing.

Elizabeth said...

Oh bless your heart, I know exactly what you mean! I type at work as well and during the Knitting Olympics when I was knitting so much I really killed my wrists, which is why I stopped knitting for a couple of months. Mine are better now after the long rest and I've been very careful to not knit for long periods of time. As somebody else said - take care of those wrists!!!

KaY said...

Nice blog you got here ... let me add it to the links in my craft blog as well ...

Sharon said...

In answer to your question about 'what is a tangello' it is probably best described as a cross between an orange and a mandarine. They aren't available all year round as both oranges and mandarines.

Have a lovely day Shelley