Friday, May 19, 2006

Still No Pics

I would have thought by now I would have taken some pics of the Let's Party Cardi in progress. I still haven't blocked it, though I did go out and get the 2 buttons needed for it. The buttons go up near the top, and the rest of the cardigan is open. After the blocking I just have to seam it and add the 3 rows around the neck area and down each side of the front, then add the buttons and it will be comlpeted. Yeah, I think I've mentioned that before...and it's still not done. I had hoped to have gotten it blocked so that it would be dry by tomorrow or Sunday and I could finish it up. However, it is now Friday night and I don't have it blocked. There is a reason (or excuse if you prefer) for the laziness in getting it all together. I've been tired and on the go, somewhat, and haven't really had a lot of knitting time.

Monday evening I had my Weight Watcher's meeting, and was feeling rather tired afterwards. Tuesday evening I was rushed because when I got home from work and checked my email, I had a reminder that there was a CE Board (Christian Education Board) meeting at 7pm and at that point (of reading my email), it was after 5. Wednesday I had a BBQ to attend for the leaders of the kids mid-week program at church (it was yummy - the BBQ, not the program).

Last night I was free, but I had got some bad news when I got home from work. I found out that I did not get accepted into the B. Ed. program for next year. Needless to say I was feeling rather upset and depressed the rest of the night. Not even knitting would have dragged me out of that funk.

I'm feeling better tonight, so far - though I did have a few moment this morning that weren't all that good. I still didn't feel like handwashing the cardigan and pinning it out to dry, so instead I started a new sock. Yeah, instead of working on the one I have on the go (not too far from doing the heel flap), I decided I wanted to start a new one - but that's normal for me lol.

I'm still waiting to see if they have the adjusted sizes posted yet for the Reid sweater at Knitty, but haven't seen anything yet. I want to do this sweater up for my best friend's daughter, and from what I've read on other blogs and knitting forums, the size 4 and 6 measurements are messed up (apparently they are knitting up way to large for a normal 4 and 6). So, I don't want to start until I get the right numbers. Though I have to wonder if I were to knit the size 4 if it would be large enough to fit a 6 year old (the age of my friend's daughter).

So, sadly, again no pics of knitting. I was going to try to post another pic of Tinker Belle, but for some reason Blogger is not co-operating.


Catherine Kerth said...

you sound busy! blogger is always giving me trouble about my pics too! augh ;) i want to start a cardi for myself , one of these day!

Karen said...

Can't wait to see the cardi and the new sock. I'm always starting new socks,I have 7 going right now.And I keep joining new KAL's, what am I thinking? Am I thinking? Have a great weekend!