Sunday, May 07, 2006

Just A Wee Update

Sorry that this isn't much of a post. I have been dealing with graduation, and it finally happened yesterday!

So, with knitting news, I've put a few rows on my second sock of the one I was working on when I was doing the red feather and fans. I'm only about an inch past the cuff, so not much progress with that. However, I finally got the first sleeve for the Let's Party Cardi completed! Woot! I don't think it quite worked out right with the pattern - if I could have added 2 more stitches it would have but oh well. I've got the first 2 rows done on the second sleeve so far. I just hope this one goes much better than the first and that I don't have to end up frogging again! Once I get that done, then all I need do is block and put together.

So, I have a question. When blocking (to be honest I've never done this before), do I block first and then sew it together, or do I sew it together and then block it? What's the best way to do it? Would appreciate your thoughts, opinions, and advice on this.

Happy knitting!


Ruth said...

first of all, congrats on the graduation! =)

second, most people (and books) will recommend you block first, and then seam. i DO find it easier to seam when pieces are blocked out and flat (rather than dealing with alot of curling edges), and the seams don't look as wonky. but i admit, when i'm really lazy, i don't block until afterwards. =P

Sharon said...

Well done on graduating, will we see pics?

I block before I sew up my seams, but my way of blocking is very unconventional, I press with a steam iron on wool setting pressing the edges flat. Purists cringe but it works for me ;)

Rachel said...

I third the commenters above. It's easier to seam after blocking (and easier to block before seaming).

Congratulations on your graduation! I hope you have many great things coming up in your life.

Karen said...

Congrats on graduating, another life milestone reached. I will pipe in with blocking first then seaming too. Can't wait to see it all put together. I should really work on my son's sweater, he keeps asking about it. Socks are just faster.

Rhonda said...

Congrats! Way to go!!

Block 1st then seam ... much neater & easier to do.

Shez75 said...

New reader here, and wanted to congratulate you on graduating. Bet that's a relief!
I also block first, seam second. I hate seaming so it usually takes months after finishing to even do the blocking. But, it makes that chore a little easier.
Sheri in GA

amylovie said...

The Triangle bag kit is $42.25, which includes yarn and pattern.


Catherine Kerth said...

i have always heard you block first then seam.... but then, a seasoned knitter (35 yrs under her belt) said no seam it, then block...I asked why and she said "you may loose inces with seaming or gain unwanted inches with blocking before hand".. so just to be safe dew then block ;)

MandyJ said...

Congrats on the graduate! I would take someone else's advice on blocking, I have only ever blocked a square never a sweater.

Anny said...

You should definately block first. I learned this from experience with my Olympic sweater. I seamed first. The sweater was a little to small and was able to stretch the fabric just enough during blocking but sadly the seams were not flexible at all and would not stretch to the new blocked proportions of the rest of my sweater.

When I knit my second sweater (Bristow) I blocked first and the result was perfect. I blocked it to my exact proportions before seaming and it is the best fitting sweater I own. If you seam first, you have a lot less lee-way.

Hope this helps ;0)