Monday, February 08, 2016

Continuing the Mitred Square Blanket

Photo as of February 7, 2016 - total squares 261
Pretty much the only knitting I've been doing for some time is on my sock yarn/mitred square blanket.

The picture to the left was taken yesterday (Feb. 7) and the total number of squares is now 261.  I've since added about 3 1/2 more squares since I took the photo.  I'll also be working on it again tonight so will get a few more added.

I really do enjoy this project.  Yes, it will take awhile to complete, and I'm not entirely sure of how I'll do the border - or even if I will do one, but I have awhile to think on that.

I'm on Instagram, and I follow several knitters, many who have been working on socks. Seeing their photos, both complete and in progress socks, I've been thinking of starting a pair of socks myself.  I have made lots of socks in the past, many for children and some for myself.  I have some sock yarn in my stash that I could use, though it's taking a lot of will power to not use it just for my blanket!  I know if I have some left over, which I should have, I can use it then.  I'd need to find another set of DPNs in the right size first, however.

But, until then, I will keep knitting on my blanket!

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