Friday, February 18, 2011

Plain Jane Vanilla

Are you surprised? I've knit 3 more hats since the last post!

First off, let me say (again) that this picture was taken using the flash because it's kind of a dark and dreary day today. We're getting rain, instead of snow...but that's a story for another time.

The hat in the middle was made with leftover purple yarn from one of the purple hats I made previously (shown a couple of posts ago). The hat on the left and right was made from the same skein of Bernat Mosaic in the Ninja colourway. This yarn reminded me a little of Noro Kuryeon, where there are pieces of the strand that weren't tightly spun.

I didn't mind using this yarn, but there were a couple of times when I was casting on where the yarn pulled apart because it wasn't spun in that particular area. The second hat I had cast on 90 stitches and decided that it would be too loose. I unraveled the yarn to cast on 80 stitches instead. As I was unravelling, I got to a spot that had one of those areas that isn't spun (I know there is a name for that, but I can't think of it), and it pulled apart on me. Thankfully, it didn't waste much yarn.  Aside from that, I didn't mind this yarn.

Since the picture was taken, I added a pompom to the hat with the rolled brim (the one on the right). My mom expressed an interest in it to use when she goes out to shovel the walk (and no, she doesn't do this much, but when I'm sick or my back is acting up, she will shovel; otherwise I shovel the walk. We have someone plow out our driveway, so neither of us has to shovel the driveway, thankfully). Previously she would use a hood from a coat, but she didn't like it as it was too big and came down around her face too much (when it was tied). So, I told her if she wanted the hat she could have it. She tried it on and thought it looked OK but thought maybe it should have a pompom so it wouldn't look so flat on her head.

I'm debating on what to knit next, but I think it might be...surprise!!!....another hat. I just find they knit up quickly and I don't have to pay too much attention to the knitting - it's mindless really. I might do up some more kids socks or a scarf soon promises though, LOL!

Do you have a favourite hat pattern to knit or crochet?

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