Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Sock

I have begun my latest sock. Ok, actually I have begun two of them. One I forgot to take a picture of, but with my left over Fleece Artist yarn from the pair in my previous post, I thought I might have enough for a pair of baby socks, so I am working on my Ainsley Sock pattern with that.

For me, however, I have started in on Monica's Wollmeise Sock pattern. I am using the Trekking yarn I got not long ago from the Loopy Ewe, as I thought that might look good with this pattern. So far, I must say, I do like the yarn and the pattern. The pattern is real simple and easy to knit.

So far, I have the cuff and about 4 repeats of the pattern. In the picture I don't have quite that much done though. The cuff was knit yesterday on the train to Seoul, and the first two repeats were done on the way back from Seoul today. It didn't take the entire trip to do the two repeats, but I was a little tired so I put the knitting away and dozed off some.

Seoul was great this weekend. My friend Tamara and I went with our other friend Sarah because she was going to the James Blunt concert at the Olympic Park stadium. Sarah didn't want to navigate the subways alone, and since Tamara knows them fairly well, we went along. Tamara and I were going to head back to Yesan after Sarah went to the concert, but when Sarah was getting her ticket, we checked and there were still seats left. So, impulsively, Tamara and I bought tickets too. The funny thing is, Sarah had ordered hers a week or two ago online and got in one section and ours was, naturally, in another section. Well, turns out the put Sarah in our section as well (for some reason they said it's the same section, but it isn't...oh well). The funny part, is that Tamara's and my seats were about 3 rows in front of Sarah. Poor Sarah is a huge James Blunt fan and we got closer than her. Tamara likes his music too, and I've actually only heard one song (Beautiful). They convinced me to go saying his music is great. I took their word for it and went.

Well, I really enjoyed the concert. I really enjoy his music. I bought both his CDs after the concert. I. Am. A. Fan. And, oohhh those eyes! And, oohhh that accent! I'm really glad I was impulsive and bought a ticket. We ended up not coming back to Yesan until this afternoon, but that wasn't a problem. We got a half decently priced and clean hotel in Seoul and took the 12:40 train back. Unfortunately we lost out on the tickets we had purchased yesterday for our return last night, but oh well.

Anyway, better head off. Still have to do up a lesson plan for tomorrow. Happy knitting!


Charity said...

The concert sounds like fun! I like the way the sock is knitting up. :0)

kittensmittens said...

Those wollmeise socks look nice. Can't wait to see more, I like the colors.

I also absolutely LOVE the colors on the new yarn you got. I'm just drooling behind my computer.
And I'm pretty jealous of your travels too. I need to get my act together and go teach somewhere for a year. Or I need to win the lottery and just go travel...

Knit & Purl Mama said...

I myself is a James Blunt fan! Lucky you got to see him in concert!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

It's so neat when you can be impulsive and have everything turn our GREAT. I always say "go with the flow and you'll always have a good time." ... Sounds like you had a really great day!