Friday, March 28, 2008

More Yarn

Well, I had to put in another order for sock yarn with The Loopy Ewe. I felt the need to get more and build up my stash here in Korea. So, since I also needed to get some size 2.0mm (US 0) DPNs, I thought I'd get yarn while I was at it. None of this yarn, well with the exception of one of them, I have used before. The one I have used is Trekking. Well, I should say that I started on a pair of socks with some Trekking before I left for Korea and didn't get them finished. The Trekking is in the upper right, and it is colour 159. I think it might look good with a small cable pattern, but I could be wrong.

The yarn to the left is Araucania ranco Multi, in the Peacock colourway (colour number 304). Not sure what kind of pattern I will use with this though. The third skein/hank of yarn in the middle is Lime & Violet Sasquatch Sock in the Buster Keaton colourway.

The needles are Crystal Palace bamboo, size 2.0mm (US 0). There were also some Hershey's kisses included in my order...mmmm, chocolate!

Like I said, I haven't used these yarns (except Trekking) before, and I haven't heard anyone's thoughts or experiences with them. I do hope they are good yarns to work with. I'm looking forward to knitting them up.

Here is my progress on the latest sock I'm working on. It's just a plain knitted sock in Fleece Artist. I like the colours in it, and it's knitting up nicely. I'm up to the heel at the moment (first sock). I had knit the heel, but realized the pattern I was following to do the heel had less stitches and it didn't turn out right; needless to say I ripped it out and am just waiting to do the heel and move on to the gusset. The colours are a little darker than the picture shows, and the blues are a little more dominant than the pinks and whites.
I have been sick, yet again, here in Korea. It seems ever since I got here I've had a cold every single month except January. The current cold has been dragging on for 2 weeks now and twice it felt like it was starting to go away only to come back a little worse. Well, last night it started to get a little worse again, and by this morning (into my second class) I was feeling a lot worse. I was stuffed up, my nose was running, I was sneezing, coughing, had a headache, and ended up with a fever and chills. My co-teacher had said that if I wanted, she'd take me to the doctor. Well, with the schedule I had today (and hers) that turned out to be impossible. I had 6 classes to teach, plus a meeting after school. About 20 minutes before lunch was over, my co-teacher comes over to me and says that we have a class to teach after lunch. Normally I don't have a class that period, but this was rescheduled from last week. Well, I wish I had some notice because I didn't have anything prepared for it. I already taught this class earlier in the week so I couldn't do this weeks lesson again with them.
Well, to make a long story short, after we got to the class and I had asked the kids how they were doing, she walked over to me and said if I wanted, she'd do the class by herself and I could go back to my desk because I didn't look very well. Duh! I'm barely functioning and you all know I'm really sick today...but I couldn't have gone home even if i wanted to. For some strange reason, the Koreans don't seem to like to miss work and are always there. They expect everyone else to be there too. But in all honesty, they should have told me to go home. If I had asked, no doubt they wouldn't have allowed it because they need someone to teach my classes. I don't think the coteachers would have wanted to unless they had if I had lost my voice (like what happened last November or December). Oh well. I came home with a fever and went right to bed and slept until nearly 10pm tonight. I'm still feeling a little crappy, and my sinuses are really head is starting to ache again, particularly when I cough. Thankfully though, I don't feel like I have the fever anymore.
I do hope I get over this soon. I'm really sick and tired of getting sick every month. It makes me want to go home now. I'm never sick this often back home in Canada. I'm convinced it's the different germs and viruses that I'm not used to.
Anyway, I'll stop ranting like a raving lunatic now. Happy knitting!


lexa said...

Hope you are feeling better very soon! You have been sick a lot since moving there. Love the new yarn purchases! Build that stash! :)

Knit & Purl Mama said...

Hope you are feeling better soon!

When do you come back to Canada anyhow? (Curious)

If you ever want to enhance your Korea yarn stash, I just got in some delicious stuff to my shop! Colinette Jitterbug's new sock colors (Velvet and Nearly Solids) as well as Noro Kureyon Sock yarn, and Dream in Color Smooshy. I've received 3/11 of my Shibui Sock yarn order as well (Hoping the rest comes tomorrow!) Some delicious sock yarns if you're interested! I could hook you up with an order!

I've used Trekking before, love it! (I have 50% of a project (1 sock) done in Trekking in my Ravelry. It's the Orange/White/Pink/Brown socks. Great yarn. Tiny stitches, LOL

Karen said...

I'm so sorry you're sick (again). Feel better soon. Your yarn purchases look fantastic, love all those colors. And your Fleece Artist sock is so pretty.

Karen said...

I forgot to say that I have knit with Trekking a lot. I love that yarn and all the pretty colors.

Anni said...

Hope you get better soon. Love the stash enhancement.