Friday, October 19, 2007

Yarny Goodness!

Ok, so I had to visit the yarn store here in Yesan last Saturday with my friend Lorie because she wanted me to teach her to knit. Well, she's knit in the past so basically I was just giving her a refresher course. While we were at the yarn store, I of course bought more yarn. What you see to the right (if that's where the picture stays once I publish the post) are three balls or skeins or whatever of Wool Lux 5 Ply, which is made in Italy. The colours, naturally, are not accurate. The top one is a sort of darker teal shade - I think (it's colour number is 907), and the bottom two are a royal purple shade (colour number 945).

I plan on making a scarf (tentatively) out of the purple, and I believe the tealish shade will be a pair of fingerless gloves or some such item. It's starting to get a little coldish here - not terribly yet, but my co-teacher told me that the school gets cold in the winter because it's an old building. Great. Something to look forward to (insert eye roll here). I figure if it's going to be cold in the school (and I've already had a couple of days where my hands were cold...), it might be nice to have some fingerless gloves to wear so I can still type at the computer or write on the board, etc.

Ok, so last week I placed an order with the Loopy Ewe. Well, I got it today! All the way from the States to South Korea in 1 week!! She sent it first class international, so that's probably why. I wasn't expecting it this soon, so I was surprised to see it. I love surprises like that!
Here's my order...again, the colours aren't accurate. The skein on the top is from The Knittery (which is in Australia, but obviously I ordered it from the Loopy Ewe) in the colour Sea Breeze. It is Merino 4 ply fingering, 100% merino wool. The shades are blues and purples, with a bit of green. The other skein is Fleece Artist in the Sorbetto colourway and isn't far from being accurate in colour. They are a little darker in reality.

The pattern you see is called Dancing Tulips and looks so pretty! It's one of Monica's patterns, and I can't wait to knit it!! I'm not sure which skein will be used for the pattern right now, but I think I might use the Sorbetto for it so that the pattern doesn't get lost. The Sea Breeze colours are darker and might not show the pattern off as well, though I don't really know for sure.

One of my co-teachers drove me home today (one of them usually does), and I was showing her my sock yarn. She thought it was very pretty and we got on the topic of knitting. I asked if she knits and she said no. I told her if she'd like to learn that I could teach her. She said she'd like to make a scarf for her boyfriend for Christmas so by the sounds of our converstation, one day next week when she drives me home from school, we are going to stop at the yarn store and she's going to get some yarn and I'll teach her.

Well, I best be off now and work on my Yukon Leaves sock. I'm just finishing up the heel flap on the first sock, and getting ready to turn the heel. It's looking really nice in the Koigu, and I'm glad I chose that colourway. I'll show you a picture of that sock next time. Silly me forgot to take a picture of it when I did the ones for the yarn...


Karen said...

You should definitely knit Monica's pattern in the lighter color. I tried it in a dark color and you couldn't see the design at all (I'm going to knit it in a red varigated Regia). Have a great weekend.

Scribbles & Bits said...

I'm so glad you're doing well and making friends and teaching all these people to knit! Go you!!!! Can't wait to see your other sock!

monica said...

I hope you enjoy the pattern. I would go with the lighter yarn.
Wow, that was fast shipping to Korea.
Yay for you, teaching more people to knit!!!

Janice said...

Yeah for knitting and for finding friends that knit with you! (or teaching friends to knit so they can knit with you!!) You have some great additions to your yarn collection! I can't wait to see them all knit up! I'm waiting for Sheri to stock more of Monica's patterns.. they sold out fast!! Stay warm, and Happy Knitting!

Hasbu said...

Pretty yarn!

It is getting pretty chilly here now, this morning it was in the low 20's. I really should knit some fingerless mitts for myself, they'd be perfect in this weather!

Charity said...

so great to have a friend to knit with, and the new yarn is amazing! :0)

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

I see you're keeping yourself well stocked in yarn, LOL. Nice petting yarn!

BTW, my DH loves his fingerless gloves coz of how much he can do and yet his hands stay warm even tho his fingers aren't covered. That alone amazes him. ;-)

Knitting Mama said...

I've never ordered from the Loopy Ewe, but their stuff looks great! Yey for Yarn goodies!