Tuesday, August 28, 2007

In Korea

Well, I've been in Korea for about five days now. Let me tell you it is HOT!!!!! I haven't done any knitting because it's been so hot, and also because I haven't had much time...thought I suppose I could have fit a little in here and there.

The sad thing is that I was only able to squeeze a couple of balls of sock yarn and a couple of alpaca (I think that's what it was) for a scarf, and some DPNs and a circular needle. I didn't have a lot of room (waaahhh!) for knitting stuff, and I couldn't even squeeze in my spinning stuff. I'm disappointed with this. I suppose that if I hadn't brought my lap top I could have fit some knitting stuff in a second carry-on (we were allowed to have 2 carry on pieces, and the lap top counted as one). Oh well, I can always go to Seoul and buy more yarn and needles, unless where ever I end up living has some knitting supplies handy.

We don't know where we are going yet, only what province we will be in. We will find out the city and schools on Thursday, and then on Friday someone from the school (the director I think) will come here to the university campus where we are having orientation, and pick us up and deliver us to the schools. Also, from my understanding, it will take a little while to get internet hooked up, so if I'm not on for awhile, you'll know the reason!

I can tell you, this heat makes it hard to knit. We've been told that our apartments will have air conditioning, so that will help make knitting easier :o). I can't wait to get back to knitting as I'm missing it a great deal - I'm going into withdrawls I think!

Anyway, hope you are all getting a lot of knitting done! Once I get my computer hooked up (I've been using one on the dorm room floor we've been assigned to for orientation), I'll be able to post more! Take care and happy knitting!


Charity said...

This is so exciting to read, Shelley! I'm glad you made it over safely! :0)

jessica said...

I'm glad you made it safely! Keep us updated!

lexa said...

Hope you get some air conditioning and can get a little knitting done. Have fun!

Hasbu said...

I'm glad you had a safe trip. Keep us updated on your journey!

I'm sure you'll be able to buy yarn and needles over there or order them online.

Sharon said...

Oh wow, how exciting even if a little bit hot! Here in summer I knit with the fan on me, it works!