Saturday, May 19, 2007

It's Been A Week!

This week I received another package from my awesome Secret Pal. She sent a ring with an "s" scrabble tile on it - too cute! Sadly, it came unattached during its travel to my home so I'll have to reglue it. My pal also sent me some yarn!

It's sock yarn that she hand dyed herself! She sent a note saying that she knew I knit socks for kids and that I knit for charity. That's what this yarn is for - a pair of kids socks (which will go on the mitten tree at church). Look at those nice bright spring-like colours! I can't wait to see them knit into socks; they are going to look awesome!
Now we are to show our stash of sock yarn. This is something I have refrained from doing in the past. Why? Well, I'm not really sure. Maybe because I'm in denial that I have a stash of yarn, or maybe because I don't want to admit to how much I have, or maybe I just don't want anyone to know what the size of the stash really is. I do know that it isn't as large as some people's, net it is not as small as others have.

Well, since there is a contest involved (and you know me and contests, if it involves yarn chances are I'm entering) in showing your sock yarn stash, I figured I should play along.
To the left is the sock yarn I have in a 4-drawer rolling plastic organizer (two large drawers and two small ones), as well as the yarn my SP10 pal sent (see pic above). The yarn at the bottom is Knit Picks dye your own, though I think I might leave it as is as it has some little nubbins (or whatever you call them) of colour in it and might look nice as is. Aside from the yarn from my SP, the rest is either Knit Picks or Paton's Kroy. I will say that 4 of the skeins (the navy and the 2 skeins beside it) will be a pair of fair isle socks - I got the pattern from Knit Picks, but haven't made them yet (obviously).

In the next picture you will see some yarn I had downstairs (and a bit I had in my room, which were recent purchases). On the left is Cherry Tree Hill in blues and purples (was on sale), the green (called Shamrock) is Louet Gems in sport weight (anyone know if 100 grams will make a pair of adult socks?), both of these were on sale (I think) from The Sweet Sheep. The two light blue ones are Louet Gems in fingering weight (from the Loopy Ewe - button on my side bar), and the other three skeins are Patons' Kroy. I haven't knit with the Cherry Tree Hill or the Louet yarns yet. They both feel nice and soft and squishy, and can't wait to use them.

I will say that I am giving two of the skeins to a friend of mine, so I don't know if I should really count those in my stash count. These two pictures also don't include the socks I am currently working on (one child's pair, and two adult), nor does it include the skein I had gotten from Wooly Boully (link on side bar), or the sock yarn from my SP in the package she sent last month. As well, I know there are a couple of other skeins that I couldn't locate when I was gathering them together for the picture. So, really, my sock yarn stash isn't that big - not compared to some I've seen.

In other knitting news, I've finished the scarf for my ISE 4 pal, it is blocked and dried and I have a pic of it - but I'm not showing it just yet. I want to make sure she has it before I do so...either that or I'll post the pic when the scarf is enroute to her. I've contacted her a few times since the original email, but haven't heard anything else from her since then. I want to get a few little items to include in the package for her as well, so once I have the package enroute to my pal, I'll let you see the finished scarf. Oh, and I have the pattern for it written up as well which I'll be posting, should anyone want to try it.

Happy Knitting!


Rain said...

That's so beautiful.

You don't have too much yarn until you have to hide it behind the bath panel in denial.

lexa said...

You've got some nice sock stash happening!

Charity said...

Another great package! I'm glad you're getting treated to well. :0)

That's some nice yarn you have there!

your secret pal 10 said...

Love the stash!

Rebecca said...

Hi Shelly,
Hope you are all finished with school and can enjoy a summer of knitting! I just tagged you on the current meme floating around blogland. Feel free to do it but don't feel obligated.

jessica said...

Thats a good looking sock yarn stash! I agree, its not too big:o)

Rachel said...

Well, everyone says sock yarn doesn't count as stash, so you have nothing to feel embarrassed about!

I think the sock yarn your SP sent you will make wonderful socks for a child! And the scrabble tile ring sounds so cute -- I hope it fixes easily.

Scribbles & Bits said...

I think that's about the size of my stash! I'm definitely planning on getting more solids, but it's so hard to turn down the hand dyed treats!

Can't wait to see the scarf!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Sock yarn isn't really stash is it?
LOL. Well you've got some nice socks yarn ... yummy in fact.

Karen said...

very nice sock yarn collection there. I'm trying to knit through mine and hopefully add to it soon.

Dipsy said...

Ohhh - this is some really, really beautiful yarn that you've shown here! What an impressive stash you have! And, I'm really looking forward to seeing your scarf! Happy Knitting!

Annie said...

It must be a little sad without hearing anything from your secrect pal till now.I know that bad feeling.Any way,I think she will like your scarf and look forward to seeing your pattern.

Lisa said...

You are going to make some kids very happy with socks made from that beautiful yarn. Nice stash too! :)

Jan said...

Lovely sock yarn! Too bad about your secret pal. Loved your cat pics from before!

Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

That's a wonderful package from you SP. Enjoy!

I love sock yarn...and you can never have enough!

Janice said...

Looks like you have some fun sock knitting ahead of you!! :-)
Love the yarn you got from your secret pal.. she has treated you well!!